Captain Cold is the ninth episode of The Valeyard and the final appearance of The Doctor's companion, Jasper as he is killed and converted into a Cyberman without The Doctor knowing.

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Trivia Edit

  • KA 2379

    Kick-Ass (2010) also used a strobe to disorientate the villains of the story.

    A lot of the action sequences were inspired by the work of director Matthew Vaughn. The start of the attack on the Cyberbase uses an 8bit rendition of the song Free Bird, the same song used in Kingsman's Church Fight.

The climax of the battle is inspired by Kickass's Strobe scene, with a cover of Adagio in D minor being used.

  • Promised land2
    The classical song "Va, pensiero" is used twice in the episode. Here, Hebrews sing in Italian that they long to return to their homeland, the promised land. At that time, it was occupied by Israel. In The Valeyard, that area is occupied by the Cybermen. The Edomites are trying to get the area back. In Biblical times, the Edomites also fought many times against the Israelites. Both had shared ancestry, just like the Cybermen, who used to be humans.
  • The Cyberman which was made to look like the Doctor, had a larger scar on it's forehead that the real Doctor. This was because the last time the Doctor entered the Cyberbase in The Green Cross, his wound was still that big. This was probably the most recent moment any sensors or camera's picked up on how the Doctor looked.