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The guards capture Jasper.

Death to the Cyborg is the sixth episode of The Valeyard.

Previous Episode: Tale of a Time Lord

Next Episode: 36 Miles North

Plot Edit

The government has found out Jasper escaped from the Valley and killed a Cyberman. In order to create the illusion that the Valley never attacked the Cybermen, they decide to execute Jasper and bury his body outside the Valley. That way the peace treaty will remain intact.

Cast Edit

The Doctor by Matt Moore

Jasper Burrow by Henry Marshall

The Brigadier by Stephen Mansey

Mayor Hammond by Elliot Reynolds

The Director by Matt Moore

Main Guard by Shaun Eastwood

Tucker by Matt Moore

Gral by Matt Moore

Trivia Edit

  • This episode was originally called 'Story of a Soldier' and was designed to be a Brigadier-centric episode. It was abandoned, as there would be too many flashback episodes otherwise.