In The Doctor Who Universe 

The Ice Warriors are a race of reptilian humanoids from the planet Mars, described by the Doctor as biomechanoid cyborgs. They are also known as native Martians or simply Martians.

In The Minecraft Series

The Ice Warriors were the main enemy in the pilot and series 1. Here they appeared in every story, although sometimes just in one shot (cameo).

When battleling the Sontarans , the Ice Warriors teamed up with the Master. In Mission to the Sun it was revealed they did that to steal a machine to be able to breath in the tower to the sun.

They also were a part of the aliens who took control over the tower in the pentagon.


They had a green gun from the Siege till Prison of Monsters, and a sonic blaster in Mission to the Sun

Behind The Scenes

The Ice Warriors were not the same as the ones in the Dalek Mod . They're just players with an Ice Warrior skin(or NPC's, when there are more than two of them).


An Ice Warrior hold his gun.