Jasper Burrow was the Doctor's companion during The Valeyard. He was voiced by Henry Marshall.


Early life Edit

Jasper lived in the Midlands in England. His family already attacked in the first weeks of the war. They wanted to drive to the Valley with their Volvo 200, but it was taken by Vicmen. His parents died sometime during the war, before he arrived at the Valley. His brother Raymon Burrow lived a bit outside the Valley, but they kept in touch. Raymon's base was attacked by Cybermen 18 months into the war, and he was converted into a Cybermen.

During that time, Jasper worked in a bakery in the Valley along with girl. She survived the Cybermen attack on the Valley by hiding in the tavern.

During 'The Valeyard' Edit

Jasper tried to climb over the fence of the Valley to save his brother Raymon from the Cybermen. During the climb, he fell down and broke his leg. He was treated by the Doctor.

When the Doctor had his own plans to escape from the Valley, Jasper blackmailed him into taking him with him.

However, Jasper got captured in the Cyberbase. The Doctor fled, but later returned to save him. When they hid in Elait, Jasper encountered the Brigadier. He joined the Edomites.

When Jasper tried to flee the Valley and go to Petra, the Cybermen captured him off screen. They tortured him until he confessed he was from the Valley, so that Gralexy would allow them to attack the Valley. He died in a conversion chamber.

Appearances Edit