Mission to the Sun is the final episode of series 1. It ran thought the whole month of July. It revealed the motives for what the Ice Warriors have done in the past four stories. It also had the Brigadier as companion.

In part 3, it is revealed that the Master was behind the project.

2013-07-07 14.07.38

The TARDIS in the tower.

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  • This is the first story with sets build specificly for the series by others (KnightiPodguy)
  • NJqja1G

    Building the set for Mission to the Sun.

    Several viewers helped with voicing the characters, the first being Sam Lloyd.
  • Unlike the previous episode, this time the Brig was voiced by Harry Dunkley.


  • There were plans to do part four in full HD.
  • A new TARDIS interior was build for this story. It became the main interior for series 2.
  • This is the first story to feature the twelfth Doctor in all parts.
  • Part 4 is Matt's (Didgeridoomen) favorite episode from series 1.
  • Untill The Terrible Zodin, this episode was the longest story ever with 23 minutes.