Planet of the Weeping Angels is the second episode of series 2 of Minecraft Doctor Who. The story is split up into five parts.

Previous Episode: Journey to the North Pole

Next Episode: The Answer to Death
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WARNING: This page contains spoilers for the entire story !

The Doctor is needed to stop a spreading virus in a hospital. He is send an SOS by the most famous person on Earth; God. The Doctor travels to Heaven to learn that the virus is the origin of the Weeping Angels. He needs to stop the virus before everyone ever alive becomes infected. 


  • Alfie Owens left at the beginning of part 1. He was to appear again in part 5, but this plan was scrapped.
  • There is a running gag throughout the story of the Doctor comparing Heaven to communism. 
  • This story claims the Weeping Angels are actually infected statues. The virus originated from the fifth segment of the Key to Time and an error in the singularity code. 
  • The hashtag #binladenlives was already present on the Whoville server since February 2014. 
  • This story is a turning point for the series where characters start dying and the story itself has a deep and dark tone. 
  • The skin for God is very similar to Notch, the creator of Minecraft.