Prison of Monsters is the third adventure of series 1 . It marks the first appearence of the Cybermen and Daleks in Doctor Who Adventures. 

Previous Episode: the Sontaran War

Next Episode: Mission to the Sun


The Doctor lands in an underground prison cell. He is mistaken to be the thief of the recently stolen robots. When he escapes the guard, the realises that the cells are full of aliens. He reconises one and lets him out. The guard thinks he wants to steal it, and shoots the org. If they can't have it, no one can.

Out of the darkness, two cybermen appear. The guard tries to shoot them, but quickly gets killed. The cybermen are closing in on both sides, so the only option for the Doctor is to lock himself in a cell.

Outside, the UNIT soldiers have found the underground prison. The Brigadier sees all the aliens as a threat and orders to shoot them. When two soldiers are killing the monsters, they notice the cybermen who are trying to break into a cell. They try to shoot them as well, but also get killed. After a while, the Doctor gets an idea. He opens the door of the oposite cell which reveals a broken Dalek coming out. It shoots one of the cybermen and chases the second one into the darkness. When the Doctor steps out of his cell, a member of UNIT spots him and thinks he's responsible for the death of the two soldiers. He shoots him, not seeing that he is a humanoid. When he goes and see the body, it's already taken by a cyberman. 

In the meantime, the brigadier discovers the TARDIS . He assumes that the Doctor is there as well. In a corridor of the TARDIS, he and a soldier hear a strange noice.

In an unknown place, the Doctor is being converted into a cyberman.


  • Although some scenes where filmed for trailers, the main filming only started two days before its release.
  • Just like the Ice Warriors , the main Cybermen are not the ones featured in the Dalek Mod.
  • This is the first story to have Intro version 2.0, also called the new intro.
  • The Dalek is placed in by green screen, as the Custom NPC Mod and the Dalek mod do not blend very well.
  • Part 3  is the first time we hear the Doctor talk.
  • Part 4 is the first time we hear the brigadier talk, although this version of his voice only stayed around for one part.
  • It is also the first time we see the Doctor's pet Oink again since the Dragon Planet .