Series 2 is the second series of MINECRAFT Doctor Who, not counting the specials. It features the Twelfth Doctor and runs for 13 episodes. The main companion is Alfie Owens .

Previous Series: 50th Anniversary Specials

Next Series: Series 3 / The Valeyard


 The Doctor and Alfie search for the fourth segment of the Key to Time at the magnetic top of the North Pole. However, they are chased by Daleks and are running in the opposite direction.

 The Doctor gets a call from a very famous person he doesn't believe exists. He is needed to help to stop a spreading disease in a hospital which is a danger to everyone alive and dead.                  However, some old foes in a graveyard will do anything to stop the Doctor.

​         Two of the most dangerous terrorists are planning a massive attack. Meanwhile, the Doctor also needs to get the final segment of the Key to Time to stop the Black Guardian from ruling the                universe. He discovers there is only one way to stop the destruction of the universe. Either him or Alfie need to commit suicide.

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