Tale of a Time Lord is the fifth episode of The Valeyard.

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Cybermen chase the Doctor up a tower.

Previous episode: The Green Cross

Next episode: Death to the Cyborg

Cast Edit

The Doctor - Matt Moore

Jasper Burrow - Henry Marshall

The Brigadier - Stephen Mansey

Diego Bryson - Matt Moore

Doctor Stevens - Shaun Eastwood

Bert (UNIT Soldier) - Blackadder5

Ernie (UNIT Soldier) - Adam Ali

Plot Edit

The Doctor and Jasper must get rid of the Cybermen in an abandoned city. During their journey, the Doctor tells a tale about when the war started.

Trivia Edit

  • During the Zygon attack, many humans are killed by Zygons. The same people appeared in heaven during Planet of the Weeping Angels.
  • The windows in the Doctor's home are boarded up with wood. This is because the Zodin blew up his home during series 2.
  • Due to popular demand, the TARDIS was added in the script. If people hadn't been asking so much about the TARDIS, it wouldn't have appeared until Line of Fire.
  • The Zygon attack takes place in Keralis, the same town the Ice Warriors attacked in the Siege.