The Doctor Edit

The Doctor is a renegade Time Lord from Gallifrey who travelled through time and space with various companions in his obsolete and "borrowed" Type 40 TARDIS.


The Eleventh and Twelfth Doctor.


The Doctor's true name remains unknown to all but a very few individuals. His real name was not used by the Time Lords, even in the formal setting of legal trials. According to the Master, he chose this name according to a Gallifreyan custom to reflect his constant need to make people better.

In Series 1Edit

The Doctor has been seen in three incarnations. The tenth in the Siege , the eleventh in the Siege and the first three episodes of series 1 and the twelfth in Prison of Monsters and Mission to the Sun . Some other incarnations made cameos at the end of the series, which led into the 50th Anniversary specials.

In the 50th Anniversary SpecialsEdit

All the incarnations of the Doctor appeared throughout the specials, some more than others.

In Series 2Edit

This entire series features Didgeridoomen's Alternate version of the twelfth Doctor, the same seen at the end of series 1. Most of the time he travelled with Alfie Owens

At the end of this series, the Doctor executes the Zodin after him having trouble with Alfie's death and the Zodin's comment about Gallifrey.  

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In Series 3/The Valeyard Edit

After the events of The Answer to Death, the Doctor retires, believing everyone around him dies when he tries to save people.

At the start of the War, the Doctor's house is attacked by Daleks, and he flees to the Valley. Here he created his own hospital to help people. However, once he saw how people were being captured and killed by Cybermen, he decided to escape the Valley and save the humans from the Cybermen.

He later teamed up with the Brigadier and Edomites to defeat the Cybermen. However, this led to the death of his companion and the destruction of the Valley. Unlike previously though, this didn't stop him from continue fighting.