The Dragon Planet was the first story of series 1. It was the only three-parter in the series, even though it was decided that there should be more three parters. 

This story was remastered during the time of Planet of the Weeping Angels, with added voices and the first scene deleted.

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Testing the Dragons.


The Doctor had escaped the Ice Warriors and lands in central America. Here he is captured by the natives and is sentenced to be burned alive.


Filming of the first episode began on the 19th of April. The other two episodes were filmed a few days before they were uploaded.

Originally, the story would be a two parter called 'Jungle of Terror'. The following story would be called 'the Dragon Planet', and would only be set on the astroid. When there wasn't enough material for two episodes of 'the Dragon Planet', it was decided that the two stories should merg together in a three parter called 'Jungle of Terror'. It was a last minute decision to change it back to 'the Dragon Planet'. This was because this title sounded more exiting.

In part 1 and 2, the red dragon seems to be flying. He is actually standing on three chests. The only thing which moved was the camera.

Production ErrorsEdit

  • In Part 1, the red dragon flies in the oposite direction in one shot (tail at the front, head at the back).
  • In Part 2, the music box often changes to a end portal when the Doctor is talking to Sni-Kal (name not mentioned in the actual story).