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The Edomites is the eight episode of The Valeyard.

Previous Episode: 36 Miles North

Next Episode: Captain Cold

Plot Edit

The Doctor reunites with the Brigadier. He and the other Edomites show the Doctor their base and offer him to let him help with their attack on the Cyberbase. In their base, the Doctor also meets a mysterious man named Val.

Meanwhile, the Cyberarmy is marching straight for the Valley.

Cast Edit

The Doctor by Matt Moore

The Brigadier by Stephen Mansey

The Valeyard by Matt Moore

Ronald Kirkson by Timelord Gamer

Cyberleader by Harry Dunkley

Bert by Blackadder5

Clayton by Matt Moore

The Director by Matt Moore

Gral by Matt Moore

Trivia Edit

  • The Brigadier first appeared in this series in Tale of a Time Lord, but did not interact with the present-day Doctor until this episode.