The Green Cross is the fourth episode of The Valeyard.

Previous Episode: (M)ethanol

Next Episode: Tale of a Time Lord

Cast Edit

The Doctor by Matt Moore

Ronald Kirkson by Timelord Gamer

Mayor Hammond by Elliot Reynolds

The Director by Matt Moore

Patient by Harry Dunkley

Riley by Logan Griffiths

Tucker by Matt Moore

Larry by Logan Griffiths

Trivia Edit

  • Gralexy was first mentioned in The Valley of Peace as "aliens working with the government".
  • The Enderman the Doctor uses to teleport back into the Valley can be seen in the same area in Arabah.
  • The portalroom under the embassy is based on the portalroom in Gravity Falls, with the same music playing when the portal opens in the show.
  • The planet Gralexy is just a slightly edited Mondas from Whoville. The Grals are based of the co owner Gralex.