The Key to Time is the special featuring the Fourth Doctor. It is set right after 'the Pirate Planet'.


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The Sontarans and Rutans are after the second segment of the Key to Time. If the Doctor does not get the segment disguised as Calufrax first, the villains might get enough power to rule the universe.

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The Fourth Doctor lands on Calufrax

Cast Edit

  • The Fourth Doctor - Matt Moore
  • Romana I - Matt Moore
  • The Sontarans - Matt Moore
  • Rutans - Matt Moore
  • The Second Doctor - Matt Moore
    Note: Footage from "The Pirate Planet" featuring Tom Baker & Mary Tamm is shown at the begining of the episode.


  • Calufrax was build by hero_henrik on the Doctor Who Adventures server.
  • The Doctor later searched for the Key to Time again in series 2 .
  • This is the first time where Matt Moore voiced all the characters in the episode.
  • The Second Doctor makes a cameo at the end of the episode where he steps into the wrong TARDIS.