The TARDIS is the Doctor's 'borrowed' time machine.

The Main Interiors Edit

These are all the main interiors used in Minecraft Doctor Who. They need to be used in at least two or more stories to be considered a 'main' one.

The Classic Interior Edit

The classic interior is very similar to the interiors used in BBC's classic Doctor Who. Because this was used before roundels were introduced in the Dalek Mod, the roundels were actually square white wool blocks.

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The 2013 Interior Edit

Javaw 2013-06-08 19-02-50-79

The 2013 TARDIS interior.

The main console room had lapis lazuli blocks for the console, glass and glowstone for the walls and clay for the floor. The colour of the wood was brown most of the time, although it was sometimes a white variant. It had several corridors leading to different rooms, including a library and the classic interior.

It was the main TARDIS set used in series 1, before it exploded because of explosives activated by the Brigadier.

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The 2014 Interior Edit

2014-08-08 14.46.25

The Twelfth Doctor's TARDIS interior.

A third TARDIS interior was revealed in Mission to the Sun. This interior was used by the Twelfth Doctor throughout series 2.

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When the chameleon circuit is broken the TARDIS will look like a police box. The Doctor fixed this circuit in the Siege, resulting that it became a tree. The Doctor's pet, Oink , broke the circuit again in the next episode, The Dragon Planet.