The Terrible Zodin is the main special for the 50th Anniversary for Minecraft Doctor Who. It is a direct continuation of Enmorium. It was uploaded on the 30th of November, 1 week after the official anniversary day. Due the length, it was split up in 3 parts. The episode lasted 27 minutes in total, making it the longest story of 2013, beating Mission to the Sun with 23 minutes. It was also the final story of 2013. 
The Terrible Zodin

Edited intro for the episode.

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Characters Edit

Cast Edit

  • The Eleventh Doctor - Sam Lloyd
  • The First Doctor/The Second Doctor/The Fourth Doctor/The Fifth Doctor/The Sixth Doctor - Matt Moore
  • The Third Doctor/The Tenth Doctor - Jack Reeves
  • The Seventh Doctor - Luke Ryan
  • The Eighth Doctor - Bobby Johnstone
  • The Ninth Doctor - Richard Coyle
  • The Zodin - Matt Moore
  • Rory - TheLEGOTimeLord
  • The Brigadier - Harry Dunkley
  • The Twelfth Doctor - Matt Moore (uncredited cameo)