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The Valeyard is the third and final series of Minecraft Doctor Who. It revolves around the events before and after "the War"

Earth has become the battleground of countless aliens. The only person who can battle the aliens and reclaim the Earth is the mysterious 'Valeyard'.

Unlike Series 1 & 2, This Series is much darker in tone.

The 10 episodes focus around the Valley and the threat of the Cybermen in the mountains.

Episode list Edit

  1. The Valley of Peace
  2. Arabah
  3. (M)ethanol
  4. The Green Cross
  5. Tale of a Time Lord
  6. Death to the Cyborg
  7. 36 Miles North
  8. The Edomites
  9. Captain Cold
  10. Derech HaMelech (AKA The Grand Finale part 1 & 2)

Characters Edit