The Valley of Peace is the first episode of The Valeyard.

Previous episode: The Answer to Death

Next episode: Arabah

Story Edit

The series begins with barely any explanation about what has happened or the current situation. Captions read: "It all started 18 months ago. The only place safe is the Valley of Peace." It takes three minutes alone for anyone to mention the War.

The story kicks off with Jasper injuring his leg while trying to escape the Valley to save his brother Raymon. When the Doctor sees another human being captured by the Cybermen, he decides to escape from the Valley too. He gets blackmailed into taking Jasper along. When they enter the caves, they get cornered by mutants.

Cast Edit

The Doctor by Matt Moore

Jasper Burrow by Henry Marshall

Ronald Kirkson by Timelord Gamer

Larry by Logan Griffiths

Head Guard by Shaun Eastwood

Trivia Edit

  • The scar on the Doctor's back is later revealed to be from a wound caused by a Sycorax in (M)ethanol.
  • Ronald mentions the government working with aliens. It is revealed in The Green Cross that he is referring to Gralexy.
  • During the destruction of Raymon's camp, the word Edom appears on screen for a second. This is an easter egg which hints at The Edomites.
  • The Doctor named his horse after the car he had during his years at UNIT: Bessie.