'The War' started on Earth at the beginning of 2015. It is a main plot element in The Valeyard. Why there is a war, how it started, or what happened, hasn't been revealed completely.

This page will be updated with info whenever a new episode of The Valeyard is released. It is not complete yet.

Events in chronological order(-ish Edit

B.W. = Before the War started A.W. = After the War started

  • Early 2015, "2 months B.W.": The Doctor retires due to not saving Alfie‘s life and failing to find all pieces for the Key to Time. He stops fighting against alien invasions, believing UNIT would be able to handle them.
  • UNIT picks up a signal from a spaceship on the North Pole. They investigate, but get slaughtered by an unknown alien.
  • Keralis gets attacked by Zygons.
  • "0": The Doctor is ready to die. However, Daleks attack London. They blow up the Doctor's house and capture the TARDIS. This moment is considered the start of the war. Diego convinces the Doctor to get up and help people. He finds a wounded Riley in a destroyed house, and they escape together.
  • A dead Sontaran can be seen when the Doctor and Riley travel through a destroyed town in England. They were/are probably also fighting in the war.
  • A few weeks after the war starts, Vicmen attack the Midlands in England and start taking cars for an unknown reason.
  • The Doctor, Riley, Victoria and two others form a group who travel to the Valley of Peace. They slaughter some Sycorax on their way.
  • "1 month A.W.": The Doctor's group find some RVs in Elait. The Doctor and Riley head out first, but the RV breaks down in the Arabah desert. When the rest of the group doesn't show up, they travel to the Valley by foot. They witness some small battles in the desert.
  • Riley gets killed by the Sycorax. The Doctor is saved by Gralexy for being an endangered species.
  • The Doctor and Gralexy make sure the Valley stays safe from aliens.
  • The Doctor builds his own hospital in the Valley to help people.
  • From an unknown point onward, Cybermen rule the area around the Valley. It's one of the calmest areas in the war.
  • Summer 2016, "18 months A.W.": The Cybermen killed Raymon's group, and a few days later, attacked the Valley. They were stopped by the Doctor and the Edomites.